Hamon Australia

Engineering design and consultancy

Hamon Australia is able to provide engineering consultancy services on cooling towers.

This includes inspections of existing cooling towers, engineering appraisals and budgetary evaluations of alternative solutions to a problem.

Our vast experience (which covers many industries ranging power generation, chemical, industrial and mining) backed up by our global presence in the cooling tower industry for over 100 years, allows us to analyse counterflow, crossflow,natural draft, induced draft, forced draft and hybrid tower (also know as wet/dry or plume abatement type cooling towers) of all makes and manufacturers.

We can evaluate the integrity of an existing cooling tower’s structural sections (particularly old timber towers), assess the thermal performance, drift eliminator effectiveness and water distribution uniformity.

We will utilise current, modern and more economical materials and fill type in our solutions to refurbishments, upgrades or repairs. In noise sensitive applications, we can also evaluate noise emissions and suggest various noise abatement measures on cooling towers.